Who We Are?

Doo is a leading player in the MENA region for SMS messaging solutions, we are specialized in Bulk SMS messaging and manages direct connections to most telecommunication companies in the region, which together with our powerful Servers guarantees message delivery and top-quality services to your corporations to help your achieving your goals and achieving a high level in different fields.

Our messaging system is connected with more than 250 telecom companies around the world to ensure that our messages can reach to almost all of telecom companies around the world. Our customers' success stories that been achieved by using our softwares and services throughout the last decade, -which we have presented them through Parallel Solutions Corporation in Jordan- helped us developing our softwares and services to reach this highest level of quality and in short time.

We promise our customers to keep improving our services and adding more values as they expect from us to maintain the highest level of quality and credibility, and developing our programs and services to adopt rapid developments of communication technology, and information technology and heeded needs of our customers to support their business and developing it to help them in achieving their success, God willing.

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