SMS gateway (Api)

SMS gateway (Api)

Do you have a special programme you would like to connect to the SMS message service so that you can keep in touch with the contacts saved in your database? In Doo for SMS Messaging SMS, we provide you with SMS Gateway api service, enabling you to link your programme, website or system – regardless of the programming language used – to our SMS Gateway. You will, then, get an excellent, secure and highly credible service to connect to your own system according to your own options set by your self or your team of programmers.

What does SMS Gateway offer you? SMS Gateway enables you to contact our own gateway to send SMS messages by using a user name and a password of your own. You can browse web pages and carry out the following operations:

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  • You can download the suitable file you need From "The following are ways of connecting to our gateway" menu according to the programing language and technology used in your program, containing an illustration of how to connect to SMS Gateway according to the adopted language or technology.
  • Integrate the sending pages in your system or build a system connected to SMS Gateway

Our gateway does not adopt a certain operating system. You can connect your website operating on PHP, ASP, ASP.NET or any other web programming technology. You can also connect your programme operating on Oracle, VB6, ASP.NET, Delphi or any other system or language. You only have to start an internet connection to open our SMS Gateway page. What we have done is that we have prepared examples of the connection to our gateway with different languages and technologies. The following are ways of connecting to our gateway:

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You will need a user name and a password to use the programme.

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